Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
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 CDataSliceBaseBase data slice structure which contains common data structural needed for primitives
 CEnactorBaseBase class for graph problem enactor
 CEnactorStatsStructure for auxiliary variables used in enactor
 CFrontierAttributeStructure for auxiliary variables used in frontier operations
 CGraphSliceGraph slice structure which contains common graph structural data
 CPartitionerBaseBase partitioner structure
 CProblemBaseBase problem structure
 CTestParameter_BaseBase test parameter structure
 CPriorityQueuePriorityQueue data structure which only has two level of priorities (Near Far Pile)
 CInfoInfo data structure contains test parameter and running statistics. All test parameters and running statistics stored in json_spirit::mObject
 CRakingDetails< RakingGrid, NullType >
 CRakingSoaDetails< _TileTuple, RakingGridTuple, 2, NullType >
 CRakingSoaDetails< _TileTuple, RakingGridTuple, 2, SecondaryRakingGridTuple >
 CTuple< _T0, _T1, _T2, NullType >
 CTuple< _T0, _T1, NullType, NullType >
 CTuple< _T0, NullType, NullType, NullType >
 CVecType< T, 1 >
 CVecType< T, 2 >
 CVecType< T, 4 >
 CCooCOO sparse format edge. (A COO graph is just a list/array/vector of these.)
 CCsrCSR data structure which uses Compressed Sparse Row format to store a graph. It is a compressed way to present the graph as a sparse matrix
 CBC_ParameterBC_Parameter structure
 CBFS_ParameterBFS_Parameter structure
 CCC_ParameterCC_Parameter structure
 Ccompare_second_onlyA simple CPU-based reference TOPK implementation
 CEdgePropertiesGraph edge properties (bundled properties)
 CGRGraphGunrockGraph as a standard graph interface
 CGRSetupArguments configuration used to specify arguments
 CGRTypesData type configuration used to specify data types
 CPR_ParameterPR_Parameter structure
 CSharedMemoryWrapper class for templatized dynamic shared memory arrays
 CSSSP_ParameterSSSP_Parameter structure