Road Map
  • Framework: We are exploring more operators such as neighborhood reduction and segmented intersection. Generally we want to find the right set of operators that can abstract most graph primitives while delivering high performance.
  • API: We would like to make an API refactoring to simplify parameter passing and to isolate parts of the library that dependencies are not necessary. The target is to make the frontier concept more clear, and to promote code reuse.
  • Primitives: Our near-term goal is to graduate several primitives in dev branch including A* search, weighted label propagation, subgraph matching, triangle counting, and clustering coefficients; implement maximal independent set, max flow, and graph coloring algorithms, build better support for bipartite graph algorithms, and explore community detection algorithms. Our long term goals include algorithms on dynamic graphs, multi-level priority queue support, graph partitioning, and more flexible and scalable multi-GPU algorithms.